Josh O’Connor Responds To Rumours Dominic West Will Be Replacing Him On ‘The Crown’

Josh O’Connor reveals his thoughts on Dominic West potentially taking over his role as Prince Charles on “The Crown” during an interview with SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”.

O’Connor says, when asked about West joining the cast of the hit Netflix show for the final two seasons, “I definitely heard a rumour. I heard a rumour about it. If it’s confirmed, I think it’s brilliant. I mean, I’ve worked with Dominic. He’s amazing. And he’d be a great, brilliant actor. And if it’s not Dominic… look ‘The Crown’, the one thing about ‘The Crown’ is that they pull in incredible actors and they support actors and whatever happens they have a good job.

“I was asked recently what my advice would be to whoever takes over Charles, which I thought was like, I mean, it’d be a bit rich for me to give any actor [advice], you know, knowing the way that ‘The Crown’ casts. Imagine me giving advice to Dominic West, it’d be like, I have no advice. He’s brilliant. So if it’s Dominic great, if it’s whoever it is, I’m sure they’ll do an amazing job.”

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O’Connor also jokes about what he’d ask Charles if he were ever to meet him.

Admitting his go-to answer to this question is, ‘Does he have a boiled egg with every meal?’, the actor then says: “I’d like to sort of sit down with him and talk about the real stuff… Is it hard sharing your mother with an entire Commonwealth of nations?

“That to me is like the biggest thing, how does it feel? I mean, I wouldn’t have the courage to ask him this by the way. But I suppose, yeah, I would just, my question would be like, you know, is it weird that you have to share your mother with millions of people?”

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“Usually you have the child to a mother is the most important person, but actually an entire nation and Commonwealth of nations is the most important. And how does that affect him? So that’d be my serious answer. My less serious answer would be, does he have a boiled egg with every meal?”

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