Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks were among the first celebrities to reveal they’d contracted COVID-19, announcing back in March they were quarantining in Australia after both testing positive.

Both Hanks and Wilson recovered, but on Tuesday night she dropped by the studio of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and revealed that she still has antibodies for the novel coronavirus.

“I feel like you’re the only person I don’t have to worry about because you must be brimming with antibodies right now,” Kimmel told Wilson.

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“I still have antibodies!” she confirmed.

In fact, both she and Hanks donated their antibody-rich blood to be used in the development of a vaccine.

According to Wilson, she receives a test “every couple of months” as part of a UCLA program, revealing she and others in the test still have antibodies in their blood.

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“They test us and so far we still have them,” she said. “They diminish as you get farther away from your infection, but they’re still there helping us out.”

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