It’s been “almost exactly one year” since Canadian actor and TV host Cameron Mathison had part of one of his kidneys removed after being diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, and he shared an update on his heath with Us Weekly.

“My immune system is certainly coming back and I’m just super, super grateful. [I’m] full of energy and, you know, getting tests done and everything,” Mathison, 51, said. “I’m doing really well.”

The particular type of cancer he had “doesn’t typically have a lot of obvious symptoms,” but went to see his doctor when he felt that something just wasn’t right.

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“I’m really in tune with how my body feels and how it looks. I get tests, I do blood work,” he explained, revealing he was experiencing digestive issues prior to his diagnosis.

“I kept sort of insisting or asking about an MRI and they’re like, ‘You don’t need it. You don’t need it.’ And eventually I insisted upon it … And they found the [tumour] before it spread into my lymph nodes and other areas,” he recalled.

Once he received his diagnosis, he shared the news with wife Marie Arevalo and two teenage children, son Lucas, 17, and daughter Leila, 14.

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“Telling my wife was difficult emotionally,” he admitted. “I couldn’t get the words out. … Her first reaction was, ‘You know, we got this. We’re going to beat it.’ Those are the moments you never forget your whole life.”

In October 2019, Mathison revealed the surgery was a success and he was now cancer-free.

“They removed the tumour on my right kidney and in doing so they removed part of the kidney itself and left the majority of it, and when they did the pathology report and they checked the margins around the tumour, all of that was free and clear of cancer and that led them to believe that all the cancer was out and gone,” he said (via The Wrap). The cancer has not spread… so I am cancer-free.”