George Clooney may be a huge star but that doesn’t stop him doing his own hair.

The actor hit headlines recently after admitting he uses a Flowbee to give himself a trim. Clooney and Jimmy Kimmel explained to the younger viewers what a Flowbee was — a vacuum haircut system — on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Clooney laughed as Kimmel brought up his recent comments to a reporter that did the rounds online, “I’ve been doing it for years,” revealing he’d had one for around 22 years.

Kimmel then brought out a couple of Flowbees and asked Clooney for some hair-cutting tips, as well as airing the old school advert, with the star’s face edited in, for anyone still confused as to what it is.

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Clooney also shared that he’d been doing all the household chores like laundry, mopping, and washing the dishes during quarantine. He even wood-stained his entire house.

He began the chat by talking about his and Amal Clooney’s three-year-old twins Alexander and Ella.

Clooney, who has been promoting his latest movie “The Midnight Sky”, told the host, “It’s a little crazy, also we did a really dumb thing, they speak fluent Italian at three. But I don’t speak Italian, my wife doesn’t speak Italian, so we really… we’ve armed them with a [secret] language.”

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He added of regularly cooking for the family, “I’m the chef. My wife, she does amazing things, she gets journalists out of jail [in foreign countries]. But when it comes to cooking she makes reservations.

“She went to hard boil an egg once, and she put the egg in the pan and turned the stove on without any water in the pan.”

Kimmel also pitted 87-year-old Bobbe against 15-year-old Asiyah in a new game of “Generation Gap” on Wednesday’s show, with Clooney being the special guest.