Jennifer Garner Says ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Inspired Her ‘Alias’ Stunt Work

Jennifer Garner took inspiration from her pal Drew Barrymore.

Garner recently appeared on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” and dished on how Barrymore’s performance in the “Charlie’s Angels” movie fuelled Garner’s performance in the action-thriller TV series “Alias”.

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“Exactly, well you know the whole reason I got so excited about investing myself in stunts and doing them all and learning to fight and being on wires was because of ‘Charlie’s Angels’, just because I was such an enormous fan of what you guys did and how you changed the game and I ended up working with your same stunt crew,” said Garner. “I ended up working with those same guys on a movie later and I was like, ‘Tell me everything they did. How did they train? What was it like?’ You’re my inspiration Drew.”

The conversation was sparked by Barrymore’s first encounter with Garner.

“I remember the very first time I was in room with you, I ran right over to you, in fact I think we have a picture of it,” the host recalled. “I mean literally I look like I’m meeting my big crush in life and I was and I was so excited also because that was around, let’s see 2004 was definitely around ‘Charlie’s Angels’ era for me.”

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“Coming out of it and you were doing ‘Alias’ and it was so exciting,” Barrymore added. “I feel like it was hard to establish yourself as a woman who wasn’t trying to be a man if you were doing stuff that men did.”

Barrymore also surprised comedian Robyn Schall with Garner’s presence. Schall’s comedy video went viral after Garner shared it and the two had a touching moment on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

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