It’s safe to say that Shawn Mendes has had a busy 2020.

Not only did he welcome his puppy Tarzan into the family, but he also premiered his Netflix documentary “In Wonder” and released his fourth studio album.

While catching up with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, the 22-year-old shared how his relationship with Camila Cabello helped shape his new record Wonder in “a million different ways.”

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“Camila was with me during the whole process. So I really had someone who was kind of by my side pushing me to stick with my ideas,” he said.

Continuing, “The interesting thing about being an artist is there are always these moments of self-doubt that kind of make you feel like you just want to throw it all away, that make you forget the excitement you had when you first came up with the original concept. She was always there to push me through those moments.”

“That is like a superpower. Seriously. Having someone be by your side to be like ‘Now you’re onto something. Don’t get discouraged. Keep going.’ I owe that to her a lot,” he admitted.

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One of the standout tracks on Wonder is “24 Hours”, which talks about taking the plunge and moving in with that special someone. So, is this the singer’s way of letting the world know he’s moving in full time with Cabello?

“I mean we’ve been looking for a house for a while. But I think with COVID and everything we’ve just been spending time with family,” he shared.

“It will happen one day. There’s no rush but we’re definitely searching,” he revealed. “Whether it’s in Miami or Toronto I’m not sure yet.”

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Of course, another one of the songs on the record features fellow Canadian heartthrob, Justin Bieber.

For Mendes, recording their collab “Monster” with one of his musical idols had him in “shock and pure disbelief.”

“He’s just so talented, and so kind, and so gracious. I mean it’s just been a really amazing experience being able to work with him. And also, more than that, being able to become friends and kind of connect on a deeper level than just a song,” he revealed.

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Check out our full interview with the Grammy-nominated artist below.