Turns out Carrie Underwood is a Machine Gun Kelly fan.

While speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music to promote her holiday album My Gift, Underwood said she early enjoyed MGK’s Tickets To My Downfall.

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“I think Travis Barker definitely injected so much of himself into it and I was a huge Blink-182 fan in high school,” Underwood said. “You can just hear those moments that if Blink was now, and I know that they’re still making music, but if they had just kind of started and were kind of doing their new thing right now, I feel like that’s a lot what it would sound like. Just like the kind of recklessness of some of the lyrics and I have enjoyed that record.”

The conversation was full of Underwood expressing how much she loves other artists, including Keith Urban, Pink, Chris Stapleton and the Foo Fighters.

“I feel like anytime I’ve seen him, he’s just been super sweet, and it’s nice to see people that is managed to stay sane in the music business,” Underwood said about Dave Grohl.

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Underwood also spoke about getting back to her “roots” during quarantine by living on their farm.

“I got to be outside so much and I got to work in the garden and just be. Be a mom and be a wife, and be at home. So that part was different. It’s the most I’ve been still in over 15 years. But in a lot of ways, it was kind of like, ‘Okay, who am I?’ And I felt like I was pretty good,” she said.