Variety held its Hitmakers gala on Thursday — which, for the first time ever, was a live-streamed virtual event.

The big winner of the evening was Harry Styles, awarded the magazine’s Hitmaker of the Year.

Styles was introduced by Nick Kroll, who’s in the midst of filming the new Olivia Wilde-directed comedy “Don’t Worry Darling”, co-starring with the One Direction singer.

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Explaining that he’s “gotten to know Harry over the last couple of months,” Kroll said he’s “learned that not only is Harry an incredible musician and a very, very good actor,” he’s also “a genuinely wonderful dude. He brings coffee and donuts every morning to meetings, and sent me flowers on my wedding night — and now is in a throuple with me and my new wife.”

Then it was time for Styles to accept his award. “Hi, I’m Harry,” he began.

“I just want to say a massive thank you to Variety for making me the Hitmaker of the Year,” he continued.

“It’s very strange, and a very proud moment for me and for everyone who I made the record with,” Styles added.

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“I don’t think any of us ever walked into the studio with the intention of making hits. I think we try and make good music that we like, and sometimes that connects, and sometimes that doesn’t. It’s very cool to think that people liked some of the songs on the last album,” he added.

After listing all his various thank-you’s, Styles concluded by saying, “I will get back into the studio… yeah, this is cool.”

The entire Variety Hitmakers presentation can be watched in the video above.