Teyana Taylor took to Instagram last week to tell fans that she was “retiring this chapter” of her story.

But now, the “Wake Up Love” singer is clarifying her comments for people who assumed the announcement meant she was leaving music behind completely.

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In her caption, Taylor explained how she has felt “under appreciated as a artist,” admitting that she has had “little to no real push from the machine, constantly getting the shorter end of the stick” and “being overlooked.” 

She continued, “I’m retiring this chapter of my story with the comfort that i can depart with peace of mind seeing that all the hard work & passion put in was indeed loved & supported somewhere in the world!”

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Taylor remained positive and thanked her fans for their support while also hinting at new ventures that might soon be coming her way.

She added, “To all my supporters from day 1 & all my new ones I love you and I thank you for everything & don’t worry y’all know 🤎 all hustlers have the understanding that when one door closes another will open…either that or I’m pickin da locks petunia!!!”

On Saturday, Taylor followed up her original announcement with an Instagram Live stream clarifying her comments and getting candid about frustrations with her label G.O.O.D Music/Def Jam.

“The majority of what that post was to warn my label who I’ve been signed to for almost 10 years. Everything that you guys see of me, everything that I put out, everything that I do is 100% me,” she said. “There’s no gun to anybody’s head to do anything that they don’t want to do. So yes, I am going to feel under appreciated if I’m putting in 110% and my label is giving me — they’re reciprocating, what, 10% of that.”

She added that Def Jam have given her “literally no push” since signing, saying, “The crazy part about it is I asked Def Jam to drop me on almost 10 different occasions, straight to their face, up in the building, at the table. Like, ‘Yo, just drop me, because at this point, I can’t let this kill me.’”

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The “Honey 4” star welcomed her second child with Iman Shumpert back in September.

Fellow artist Cardi B expressed how she hates that Taylor feels that way.

“If you know me then you know Teyana Taylor’s album it’s my favourite of 2020. I swear she really got the best album this year.I hate that she feels how she feels cause she sooo talented and the music is soo good,” Cardi B tweeted after the announcement.

Janet Jackson also expressed support for Taylor.

“You have an undeniable gift from God. Don’t ever let that go. You bring something so special to the industry and you continue to have such an impact on this world,” Jackson wrote on Instagram.

Adding, “Imagine if I gave up after my first or second album didn’t hit #1, or win any awards? We do this for the love, the passion and the fans. Never forget, a talent like yours is unstoppable.”

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