Colin Mochrie Makes Passionate Plea For More Homeless Facilities In Toronto

Colin Mochrie is calling on Toronto’s decision-makers to put an end to encampment evictions across the city.

The “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” star tagged Toronto’s Mayor, John Tory, in an impassioned video he shared on Twitter, calling for more shelters and better facilities for those without homes this holiday season.

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“The City of Toronto is planning a campaign of evictions across the city leaving many of our unhoused citizens without a place to go,” Mochrie says in the video. “This is during a time where we’re supposed to be thinking about goodwill toward other humans. At a time when we’re in the middle of a raging pandemic and health concerns should be at the top of our minds. It doesn’t seem right and it doesn’t seem fair.”

Mochrie called for an an “immediate moratorium on encampment evictions across Toronto,” suggesting that officials should open “at least 2,000 new shelter/hotel rooms in the next four months. Half of which should be in the downtown core so people have a safe option of leaving encampments given that shelters are currently full.”

He continued, “Let’s provide services to people in encampments, making sure people have access to indoor facilities including showers, bathrooms — things that we take for granted.”

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“Blindspot” star Ennis Esmer, Jay Baruchel and actress Annie Briggs were among the many who showed support for Mochrie’s suggestions.

In addition, a letter written on behalf of almost 400 Canadian musicians — including Feist and Barenaked Ladies’ Kevin Hearn — called for Toronto Mayor John Tory to stop the encampment evictions.

“Clearing life saving shelters which provide warmth is not a solution. Tiny shelters and tents are people’s property. People depend on their social ties and community bonds to survive,” states the letter.

Concluding his video, Mochrie added, “Let’s think about our citizens. We should be better than this. We can be better than this. So lets do it!”

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