The United Kingdom is the first country to start administrating the COVID-19 vaccine, but that doesn’t mean the royals will get special treatment.

However, seeing as Queen Elizabeth II is 94-years-old and Prince Philip is 99-years-old, the couple falls into the first wave of injections for those over 80 and care home residents.

Royal sources have told the Daily Mail that the couple will “wait in line” for their turn, although it will be within weeks.

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It has not been announced if the Queen and Prince Philip will publically take the vaccine, but royal aides have told The Sunday Times the Queen may “let it be known” she has taken the shot. While showing public support for the vaccine could help silence conspiracy theories, it is worried that the move would be considered political.

As the Queen is to remain politically neutral, releasing photos or a video of her taking the shot could be argued to be pushing the boundaries.

Both Prince Charles and Princess Anne did take the polio vaccine in 1957 to help settle worries.

In a comment to ET Canada, Buckingham Palace said, “Medical decisions are personal and this is not something we will comment on.”

Prince William and Charles battled the disease and will also wait until the vaccine is offered for their age group.

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The first set of Pfizer/BioNTech, which was approved by the U.K, will start to be administered on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Cambridge has recently congratulated Oxford University, where researchers helped develop the AstraZeneca vaccine, via a video call.

“Well done, I’m so pleased for all of you, I really am. I saw it in everyone’s faces back in June how much time and effort was going into this,” he said.