Kristen Wiig will be entering the DC universe as one of “Wonder Woman”‘s most talked about villains.

“Wonder Woman 1984” will see the former “SNL” star as Cheetah and Wiig is opening up about what inspired her take on the supervillain.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Wiig said that she looked to Linda Hamilton in “Terminator” and Sigourney Weaver in “Alien”.

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“I am sure subconsciously I was watching all of those movies, taking all of that in,” she said.

Wiig also gave a lot of credit to director Patty Jenkins. “In talking about the character she’s very conscious of all of those things and how they’re portrayed, and what the tone is, and what the message is, and what it says about being a woman, and being a bad villain and being a woman,” Wiig recalled.

Adding, “Also, going from this sort of frumpy, invisible, ignored character to this woman who is sexier and who is more confident and what that says.”

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Wiig’s Cheetah will show “a lot of different stages.”

“I feel like I essentially play four different people and we wanted to make each one different,” she shared. “When [Cheetah] is first revealed to the audience, the first part of her transformation, you do feel like everyone in the room, even though they’re actors, they’re looking at you like, ‘Oh my god, what happened to you?’”

“Wonder Woman 1984” is out on Christmas Day.