Jennifer Lopez had quite the surprise for Hoda Kotb on Monday’s “Today”.

Savannah Guthrie convinced Kotb to call JLo, with the host seemingly unsure whether the singer would pick up.

However, JLo was in on the whole thing and was ready in full makeup to discuss her skincare line, her Billboard Women in Music Icon award, her incredible career, her kids, and more.

As she was questioned on how she does it all, Lopez replied: “You know me, I can’t sit still, so I just decided I will put out my skincare line and I’ll release a new record, why not?” she added of her new single “In The Morning”.

She said of the icon award, “I started as a dancer, music is my first love and to be able to be recognized after so many years in the business, to have a new record out right now and to be recognized in that way is such an honour. It so blows me away. [I’m] really humbled and grateful.”

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Lopez then discussed her 12-year-old daughter Emme Muñiz releasing her very own children’s book, Lord Help Me: Inspiring Prayers For Every Day.

The singer gushed, “They [both] are my pride and joy and… the fact that she wanted to share the gift of prayer with other children and wanted to save the sloths. I am like, Wow. Just a better version of you. You know how your kids are just a better version of you. It’s an amazing thing to just watch her grow up and become her own little person.”

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She added of her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, “He is good! He is sleeping right now. Nobody works more than he does. He is doing great and we are just looking forward to the holidays, Christmas and New Year’s and spending it with the fam.”