Shawn Mendes ate some disgusting food to avoid answering an array of personal questions during Monday’s “Late Late Show”.

The Canadian star became the latest celeb to take part in a virtual game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”, with him telling Corden: “You know how sick you guys are? You shipped this to me. You refrigerated it and shipped it to me across America. That’s how sick you guys are.”

Mendes had to eat blood and pork jelly to avoid picking between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift (Camila Cabello was number one, obviously) when asked to rank his collaborators.

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He even chowed down on scorpion dusted plantain when asked how much he was offered for his most lucrative endorsement deal.

“I’m pretty sure Armani, so there we go,” Mendes said confidently, before Corden pointed out: “Well, it’s not there we go because you’re missing quite a vital part of the question which is, ‘What is the most amount of money you’ve been offered for an endorsement.'”

Mendes then bit into the chip.

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The “Wonder” singer was also asked to read the last five messages he’d received from Cabello, which he did because they were all about his appearance on “The Late Late Show”. He would’ve had to eat cow tongue if he chose not to answer.

Corden, on the other hand, sipped some 1000 year old eggnog to avoid ranking the residencies of Mendes, Niall Horan and Harry Styles.

The host joked, “It’s like asking me to choose between my favourite long-haired, hippy-loving tattooed children and I wouldn’t do that.”

He did manage to correctly name all seven members of BTS though to avoid eating a mixed bug trifle, but chose to eat bull penis instead of ranking his fellow “The Prom” actors.

During Mendes’ interview, Corden pulled up a clip from his and Cabello’s 2015 “The Late Late Show” appearance when they hadn’t realized they were in love yet. See more in the clip below.