Meryl Streep responded to Barack Obama’s inclusion of her in his new memoir A Promised Land during an appearance on Monday’s “The Late Show”.

Streep, who has been promoting her new movie “The Prom”, was asked by Stephen Colbert about Obama recalling in his book: “Meryl Streep leaning over to softly recite in Mandarin the lyrics to a song about clouds that she had learned for a part years ago.”

However, she insisted the former president’s story wasn’t 100 per cent correct.

“I do remember that moment,” Streep shared, “but he got the story a little bit wrong. He’s a very good writer but his memory is…”

Colbert laughed, “Let’s fact check the president here.”

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Streep then revealed how instead of being a song about clouds, it was actually a famous fourth-century Chinese poem, which she had learned for a cultural exchange performance she did with cellist Yo-Yo Ma at the Beijing National Stadium.

The actress recalled how she was supposed to recite the poem in English and Mandarin but chickened out when she learned the cultural minister was coming.

Revealing how in Mandarin the same word can be translated to become a completely different thing, Streep said she ended up saying the poem in English.

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“Alone on a misty mountain,” she recited. “I come to a clearing. Sunlight on green moss. I am not alone,” before also saying it in Mandarin.

“Since one in five people on the face of the earth are Chinese,” she then joked, “they will know now that I have just said something horrible probably… an international incident.”

Streep, who stars in the new Steven Soderbergh film “Let Them All Talk”, also described the process of shooting on a cruise ship, and revealed how she suffered a major wardrobe malfunction at her first prom. See more in the clips below.

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