January Jones is serving up the perfect response to a tabloid story, and took to social media to do it.

On Tuesday, the former “Mad Men” star shared a screenshot of an email she received from an editor at The National Enquirer, informing her of plans “to publish a story which reports January Jones has worried friends with her series of attention-grabbing bikini pictures and social media posts.”

According to the email, the tabloid would be reporting that “sources claim her content smacks of a ‘desperate cry for attention’ and note how her acting work appears to have dried up before then pandemic took hold.”

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Jones was then asked if she wanted to respond with a statement or comment about the upcoming story.

She joked in the caption, “S**t. They’ve discovered my secret. Consider this my public apology to my ‘friends.'”

A few hours later, Jones followed up with a photo of herself wearing a pink bikini, sporting a wide smile on her face while prominently displaying her middle finger.

“Had to do it,” she wrote in the caption, adding the hashtag #DESPERATE.

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