Some people tend to let the rude comments of others slide off their backs and simply ignore them. Tarek El Moussa is not one of those people.

On Tuesday, the “Flip or Flop” star and fiancée Heather Rae Young appeared on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, where the conversation turned to which of Young’s “Selling Sunset” co-stars would be receiving an invite to the couple’s eventual wedding.

“We’ll see who I’m talking to and not talking to,” Young joked, as reported by TooFab.

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According to Young, the pandemic “has changed a lot of dynamics for my relationships, in general. And with my cast members and the people I work with, you know, I haven’t seen anyone.”

El Moussa chimed in, hinting that Young’s co-star Christine Quinn may not be receiving a “save the date” notice.

“Christine has a big mouth,” he declared. “She said some s**tty things about us. And that’s about it. We’re not really interested in dealing with her nonsense.”

When pressed to explain, he referenced a July interview with Page Six in which Quinn compared the couple to “Speidi,” referring to Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of “The Hills”.

“Listen, just because she’s never been famous before and she doesn’t know how it works, she doesn’t have to talk. It just makes her look stupid. So, she was trying to claim that, you know, we’re out there calling paparazzi on ourselves. I’m sorry. I’ve been on TV for 10 years,” El Moussa continued.

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“I went through a public divorce, I couldn’t get away from the paparazzi,” he said.

“Of course, people are interested in our lives. He hadn’t been with another woman in four and a half years,” added Young. “Of course, they’re going to be interested in another reality star dating a reality star.”

However, El Moussa insisted that “it’s fine, there’s no bad blood. I just don’t deal with her bulls**t. I don’t appreciate s**ty things said about me.”

In that Page Six interview, Quinn said: “It’s really funny to see Heather’s relationship play out because her and her boyfriend have such an interesting dynamic. call them ‘Speidi’ all the time because it’s like articles all the time about baking cookies, you know, watching movies. It’s ridiculous.”