Cher opens up in a new interview with Good Housekeeping, promoting her role in upcoming animated film “Bobbleheads: The Movie”.

Playing a bobblehead version of herself, the 74-year-old music icon explained, fulfills a longtime dream.

“I’ve wanted to do it my whole life, but nobody ever wanted me to,” she said of voicing a character in an animated film. “I don’t really have a voice for animation — I have kind of a strange, monotone voice. So, I was a little bit trepidatious. But then when I started to get into it, it was so much fun.”

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It’s the movie’s message of embracing one’s uniqueness, however, that really allowed her to connect with the film, relating to her own lifelong struggle with dyslexia.

“My mother [Georgia Holt] was so great about telling me [I was special], because I was different,” Cher recalled. “She was very great about supporting me and saying, ‘You’re special and some day the whole world will know it.’ I think people have to know they’re special, and they have to be honest with themselves. We have to impart that to kids.”

Her dyslexia, she continued, led her to struggle in school. “And so, I couldn’t read. I mean, I think the first book I ever actually read for happiness, [late ex-husband] Sonny [Bono] gave me. It was The Saracen Blade. And I read it at my own pace, and I loved it. And then I found out that I loved reading.”

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Meanwhile, Cher has spent much of the past year getting involved in politics, and she revealed she has a personal connection to president-elect Joe Biden.

“Joe is so wonderful. I’ve known him since 2006. He is such a wonderful person, and he’s strong, compassionate, and tough,” Cher, who reworked the lyrics to “Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe” for a performance at a registration event in October.

“We couldn’t have a better man,” gushed Cher of America’s 46th president.

“There’s no one that I can think of now that could do the job, the Herculean job, that is in front of him now,” she added, “He can work with ashes.”