Madison Olds just got the surprise of a lifetime from David Dobrik.

The Kamloops, B.C., singer and TikToker has been raising money on GoFundMe to help get her boyfriend Derek Jezewsky a stem cell procedure that may help him walk again.

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To help along with the fundraising, Olds has been doing 21 days of dances with her boyfriend on TikTok, raising thousands from followers in the process.

In some of the videos, including most recently one set to Lil Dicky and Chris Brown’s hit “Freaky Friday”, Olds has tagged Dobrik to get him to do duet with her.


I am so floored by all of you 💕 maybe @daviddobrik can be the one to tell him Christmas morning 🥺🥺 #boyfriend #love #surprise #stemcells #christmas


But Dobrik saw Olds’ TikTok and did her one better, partnering with the U.S. delivery app Postmates to donate $50,000 to the couple for their fundraiser, getting them to their goal.


Hope this helps ❤️☺️ @madison_olds Share your holiday wish w/ @postmates on twitter using #betterthansanta and #postmatescontest #ad



I honestly don’t know what to say to all of you, I’m so overwhelmed with all of the love and support🥺thank you for making this Christmas special 🎄🥺

♬ The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

In 2017, Jezewsky was involved in a motorcycle accident during a race in Kelowna, which left him with a spinal injury and his legs paralyzed. Despite doctors telling him that he would have 0 per cent chance of walking again, his girlfriend Olds discovered a number of treatments, including one involving stem cells.

“Back in the beginning of September, I kind of got this dance trend that was coming around with this girl that was doing the same dance over and over again,” Olds told Kamloops Now. “She was doing it to support female body positivity, she was dancing with her belly kind of sticking out, she wasn’t really caring what anyone was saying, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is a great song regarding diversity, we’re showing different body types, different colours, different everything, so I’m going to do this dance.'”

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She continued, “I think we ended up doing 21 days of dancing overall and I just kind of had the idea of ‘David Dobrik’ loves to support people who are chasing a good cause or a dream and it would be really awesome if he dueted this. We got all of his followers to see it, and if everyone donated like 50 cents, we’d be so above our goal. So we were not expecting the gift.”

Talking about the donation from Dobrik, Olds said, “He basically just dropped the cash. I got a message from him on my Instagram that just said ‘Hi’ with a smiley face. Then I saw the donation come through and the GoFundMe said he had commented. He was like this angel in shining armour that came in, dropped money and was like, ‘Peace out, I’m done, I did my part!'”