Seth Rogen Shows Off New Ceramic Pottery On Twitter

Talk about a pottery head.

Seth Rogen is showing off his latest ceramic creations, which continue to draw praise.

Rogen, a known pottery aficionado, posted a photo on Twitter late Wednesday night of a collection of nine vases he made. The only info he provided about the pieces was a terse comment: “I made these vases.” That is, in fact, Rogen’s standard caption for posts showing his pottery. The collection features mainly tall vases with speckled patterns in vibrant hues.


Rogen’s latest creations drew praise both from those in the entertainment industry and those in the art world.

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“Yo Rog, these are straight [fire emoji]. I want one,” artist Boray responded. A popular art account, Art or Not Art, deemed Rogen’s work most definitely “art.”

Actress Thandie Newton chimed in adding her praise on Twitter, writing, “How much? I really like them.”


Screenwriter Demi Adejuyigbe was also effusive, tweeting, “What the hell these are gorgeous.” Music group the phantoms added, “I want a Seth Rogen vase.”

Rogen’s love for pottery goes back to early 2019, when Rogen joined a pottery studio so he could start making his own ashtrays.

For reasons perhaps easy to deduce, Rogen is a major collector of novelty ashtrays. But last year he started making his own. His pottery work quickly expanded to include vases.

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Speaking with Interview magazine in December 2019, Rogen said of his passion for pottery, “I look forward to going home and doing something that has nothing to do with my actual job, and I hope to just keep doing it and keep getting better.” He added, “There’s no endgame in sight, although it is nice when people seem to like it. I’ve made enough things in my life that people hate.”

Here’s to hoping 2021 brings us a Seth Rogen pottery shop on Etsy.

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