Isla Fisher revealed what it’s like being married to Sacha Baron Cohen during an appearance on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Fisher, who tied the knot with the actor back in 2010, admitted he usually doesn’t tell her when he’s doing something dangerous until after he’s done it.

She also said there was a scene in his latest movie, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” that she grew particularly attached to — so much so, she threatened never to speak to her other half again if he cut it out.

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Fisher told Kimmel, “I like to be involved. I watch all the cuts of the movie. I mean, I’m sure my husband will tell you I get a little too opinionated.

“There’s actually a joke in this latest ‘Borat’ one, in the debutante ball scene. I found it so funny, it’s my favourite joke. I was so attached to it. It was in the foreign cut, it was in all the cuts. And then finally when it comes to the last-minute edit, he takes it out!

“And I was like, ‘Babe, you know, you gotta put this joke back in! This is so funny, it’s my favourite joke.’ And he’s explaining to me that for the pathos, that it’s really important that there’s not a joke in this moment and he didn’t feel the joke was that original. And I’m, like, getting more and more head up.”

The star said she got so passionate about the joke she shouted, “I won’t be able to speak to you again unless you put this joke back in!”

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However she then jokingly confirmed that the couple are “still married,” telling the host: “Looking back he was right, now that I’ve seen it, it works.”

Fisher also spoke about celebrating the holidays, why she hasn’t visited her husband on set for many years, and her new Disney+ Christmas movie “Godmothered”. See more in the clip above.