Not everyone watched “Mad Men”, and that’s okay with Jon Hamm.

On Wednesday, Hamm appeared on “The Tonight Show” and revealed that Andy Samberg once apologized to him for never having seen his breakout series.

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“The first time I hosted ‘SNL,’ they all dressed up in ‘Mad Men’ gear, like everybody,” the actor . “And I was like Samberg kind of half-assed it. I was, ‘What are you—who are you?’ Like, you just put a tie on? What’s the deal? Everybody else—Like, Paula Pell taped a cigarette to her thing and was in, like, a little pencil skirt.”

Hamm continued, “So I realized, like, when Samberg—He texted me in like April or May. And he’s like, ‘I got to tell you man, I’ve been watching the show. I am sort of embarrassed to admit it. I never saw it.’ I was like, ‘Oh, don’t be embarrassed, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it now.'”

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The actor saw a silver lining in Samberg’s revelation, though.

“It’s better than getting a text like, Hey I finally saw your show, and I don’t get it, man,'” he joked.

“Mad Men” ended its acclaimed, Emmy-winning run in 2015. Hamm first hosted Global’s “Saturday Night Live” in October 2008.