“We are an unusual couple,” says Wanda Maximoff in a new trailer for “WandaVision” — and boy, she’s not kidding.

In the upcoming Disney+ series, Elizabeth Olsen reprises her “Avengers” role as Wanda, a.k.a. the telekinetic Scarlet Witch, while Paul Bettany is back as Vision, the synthetic android with a body made of vibranium.

In the trailer, the couple are living a perfect suburban life within a 1950s sitcom, laugh track included.

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Yet despite the hilarious hijinks, something dark is lurking beneath the surface. This becomes evident when the the couple are suddenly thrust into a “Brady Bunch”-style 1970s sitcom, with the black-and-white giving way to colour.

“Wanda, what’s up?” greets her groovy neighbour in this new sitcom iteration. “Who are you?” Wanda asks, only to have her neighbour’s smiling face suddenly become a mask of confusion. “I don’t know,” she admits.

“I think something’s wrong here,” Vision tells Wanda, as static begins to invade the perfect sitcom environs, which is ultimately revealed to be not real — possibly a creation of Wanda’s considerable psychic gifts, but not one that she’s controlling.

In the trailer’s final scenes, an epic battle appears to be shaping up, with Vision and Wanda in full-on “Avengers” mode.

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“This is our home,” Wanda tells Vision.

“Then let’s fight for it,” he declares.

“WandaVision” debuts on Jan. 15.