James Charles is responding to backlash over remarks he made following the execution of Brandon Bernard on Dec. 10.

Bernard was sentenced to death for his involvement in the murders of Todd and Stacie Bagley.

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Charles took to Twitter to voice his remorse following the execution, which many people believe to be a travesty of justice.

The YouTube star said his “heart hurts” adding that he is “disappointed but not surprised by the SCOTUS petition rejection as well. We need a government that listens to our voices. This f**king sucks.”

However, some Twitter users criticized Charles and other social media personalities for how they dealt with the issue.

“Isn’t kinda weird how the first sentence is ‘After not being on my phone the whole day’ like your a TikTok star. It’s weird how @jamescharles @iamlorengray @dixiedamelio weren’t in their phones today? Brandon has been trending all over the internet. It’s just f**king weird,” wrote one person. 

In his defence, Charles wrote, “I didn’t hear about Brandon Bernard until tonight when I checked twitter during a few minute break in between videos, & after reading about his situation, I posted right away.”

He continued, “It’s impossible to speak about something going on if you don’t KNOW about something going on, & it’s also never wise to speak about a situation, especially to a large platform, before fully understanding it as well.”

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Charles added, “You can’t win. Ignore something, people are upset. Speak about something, people are still upset. Instead of focusing anger towards influencers, we should be directing our anger to our country’s f**ked up legal system that unjustly took the life of Brandon Bernard today.”

Kim Kardashian has also been taking to Twitter to speak out about the execution.

Prior to Bernard’s death, she wrote, “Just spoke to Brandon for what will likely be the last time. Hardest call I’ve ever had. Brandon, selfless as always, was focused on his family and making sure they are ok. He told me not to cry because our fight isn’t over.”

“When he told me he’s claustrophobic and they offered to give him a shot of Sedative to calm him down before they put him in the chair and he just didn’t want to panic, I literally lost it,” the reality star wrote. “I had to mute my phone so he wouldn’t hear me cry like that. We didn’t say goodbye bc we wanted to be hopeful that we would talk again, we said talk to you soon!”

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Bernard was put to death by lethal injection. 

Christopher Vialva was executed for his part in the murders in September.