Jimmy Fallon Tears Up While Speaking About His Late Mother-In-Law

Jimmy Fallon got misty-eyed while remembering his late mother-in-law.

“The Tonight Show” host stopped by Drew Barrymore’s show for a number of interviews, including the segment “The Art of the Interview” where he recalled how he never got to meet wife Nancy Juvonen’s mom as she died before they met.

“I’d like to have her look at me and talk to me and say like, ‘Hey that’s who your daughter married, and she’s good,'” Fallon said, as he started to cry.

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“Edit this out or add more tears, one or the other,” he continued. “But yeah, just to let her know who I am and who her daughter fell in love with, and that she has grandkids and just so many things.”

“I hope it’s okay to say this, but I’m sure Pam couldn’t be happier,” Barrymore said through tears.

Earlier in the week, Fallon appeared on “The Drew Barrymore Show” where he recalled how Kermit the Frog was at his wedding to Juvonen.

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“It was a giant puppet and it was sitting there and a puppet and I go, ‘That’s weird, well I guess Nancy thought that would be funny. I don’t know?’ So Nancy comes down the aisle and I’m trying not to cry, she looks beautiful and she gets up there and goes, ‘Kermit?’ And I go, ‘Yeah, was that you?’ and she goes, ‘No,’ Who would surprise us at our wedding? Everything is perfect. Then I watch the video, I watch the video once, and in every shot he’s photobombing Kermit the Frog. Like these moments that I thought were intimate, dancing with my mom, then Kermit’s head pops out the back. I go, ‘I can’t even watch this,’” he recalled.

“The Drew Barrymore” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on Global.

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