Adria Arjona Reveals How She Was Offered Role In ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’ Immediately

Adria Arjona is looking back on her successful audition for “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron”. 

The actress has revealed how she was cast in the upcoming 2023 film “immediately”.

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In an interview with Flaunt Magazine, the 28-year-old recalled, “I met everyone, tested, and then I found out really early that I got the job. That usually doesn’t happen. I found out right away, which was so exciting and nerve-wracking: [I was] just a big ball of emotions.”

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Arjona is best known for playing Emily on HBO’s “True Detective”.

Admitting that being cast in “Star Wars” is a lifelong dream, she described the project as “a complex and beautiful and creative world that I’ve just been dying to be a part of for so long. I was waiting for the perfect one: I really believe this is the one.”

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Arjona also explained how she first fell in love with acting after using the craft as a form of escapism. “I can hide under a mask, I can hide under the name of a character and I can hide under this role,” she said.

Discussing the secrecy surrounding the new “Star Wars” flick, she added, “They definitely hired the wrong person: I am the worst with keeping secrets. I get so over-excited that I just want to share everything.”

On Thursday, it was announced that Patty Jenkins will be directing “Rogue Squadron”, making her the first woman to direct a “Star Wars” feature film.

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