Sigourney Weaver is opening up in a new interview for the Daily Telegraph‘s Stellar magazine, discussing why she’s considered a feminist icon.

“I never feel like an inspiring figure,” Weaver admitted. “But I know I have that connection with people, especially with young women. And I’m very grateful for that. I’ve played the kind of roles that say women are strong, because this is something I believe very much.”

At 71, Weaver remains as in-demand as ever. “Working in this business makes me stay fit,” she explained. “Stamina is probably one of the most important things to have.”

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Another reason for her health and vigour is her vegetarian-striving-for-vegan diet.

“We try,” she responded when asked if she’s still vegan. “[‘Avatar’ director] Jim Cameron is also a vegan, so we have vegan caterers on the ‘Avatar’ films. My husband, daughter and I really try very hard to be at least vegetarian.”

She also shared a bit about reprising one of her most iconic screen roles in “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” — or at least as much as she could given that she’s “not allowed to say anything about” the upcoming sequel.

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Admitting it “was fun to reunite with the people who made it before,” she added: “One thing I’m conscious of: I’ve been around so long, on a set, I know I’m probably the oldest person there. But I wanted the different generations to feel connected by this sort of brotherhood/sisterhood of what we do.”