A couple years back, things got weird for Tessa Thompson on social media when a Twitter account emerged that was devoted to all manner of memes comparing photos of Thompson to various pics of goats.

During an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show”, the actress explained how it all started because her “eyes are spaced far apart.”

As Thompson told Norton, she was in the hair-and-makeup trailer on the set of the film “Annihilation” when she came across a photo of a goat that she thought resembled her.

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“And I think at some point I said something about it in an interview, and someone started this Twitter account called ‘Tessa as Goats,’” she continued, “so everyday they would post a photograph of me, and a photograph of a goat that looks like me.”

Norton proceeded to show some of the more striking memes that emerged from the Twitter account, including one of her wearing “a stripy dress, and all they have to do is find a stripy goat, not hard to do,” he said.

While there are some who might be insulted by being compared to a goat, Thompson was absolutely delighted, even asking her Twitter followers to check out the account.