George Clooney spoke about the coronavirus pandemic and not leaving his Hollywood Hills home for months in a new interview with Observer magazine.

Clooney, who has been busy promoting his new film “The Midnight Sky”, discussed the “c***py year,” revealing how he hasn’t really left the family’s mansion since March due to his three-year-old son Alexander’s asthma.

The actor and his wife Amal have twins: Alexander and Ella.

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He shared of the coronavirus pandemic, “This has been a c***py year for everyone. Started badly and ran badly all year long, until recently… But I’m very lucky.

“I ended up having a successful career. I wound up living in a home with some space in it. We can walk around outside.”

Clooney added of not leaving his home much for months: “Because my son has asthma. They say it’s not so bad on young people. But do we know that? We don’t know anything about the long-term of this yet.'”

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The star also spoke about parenthood, discussing whether he lets his kids find certain things out the hard way.

“Put it this way,” Clooney said. “The idea of them falling is not my favourite thing. And I try to give ’em enough room to make their mistakes.

“There’s a lot of things you try not to do that your own parents did. Not because your parents were bad parents. But because you can see the way it has affected you… You’re trying to break the chain, man.”