George Clooney wants everyone to know about his greatest accomplishment.

On Monday, Clooney and the cast of his new movie “The Midnight Sky” are set to appear on a SiriusXm Town Hall, and in a preview of the conversation Clooney reveals his most important credit.

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“George Clooney, the producer, director, and star of the movie. We were just talking about how…” host Jess Cagle says introducing his guest, before being interrupted by Clooney, who remarks, “And two times Sexiest Man Alive.”

Clooney adds, “I’m lobbying for a third one. No one’s ever won three. I worked with some people. I worked with Matt Damon and Brad Pitt on their campaigns. I thought they did a very good job and they ended up, you know Brad got two as well, and I’ve worked with them. And so I feel like now, you know, Iooking at Michael [B.] Jordan to see if he wants me to work with him, to get a repeat, more of a counsellor now.”

Later on, “The Midnight Sky” actor Kyle Chandler is asked to compare working with Clooney as a director to Ben Affleck.

“There’s two major, major differences between these two gentlemen. One is that one has been twice, twice, the Sexiest Man Alive,” Chandler jokes.

Clooney laughs, “I think Ben got one, but I think he paid his way into it.”

Co-star Felicity Jones adds, “Second sexiest man, alive.”

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Also in the conversation, Clooney talks about some of his upcoming projects and reveals he has one on which he may be working with legendary musician Bob Dylan.

“I’m directing a movie in March if COVID lets us, called ‘The Tender Bar’, which is based on a really, it’s a wonderful book. And then after that, we’re doing ‘Boys In The Boat’, which was a bestseller and a great book about, about these kids in Seattle who started, were a part of the rowing team that beat Hitler in 1936,” he says.

“And then I’m adapting a book for, it’s a Grisham book called Calico Joe,” Clooney continues. “I got a call from Bob Dylan. He optioned the book and he’s like, ‘You want to, you know, you want to adapt this for me?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I want to work with Bob Dylan. Are you kidding?’”