“Wonder Woman 1984” may have taken its time getting to the big screen this year but stars Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig are ready for audiences to finally see them in action.

Delayed several times due to the pandemic, “WW1984” is finally getting released in theatres and on VOD in Canada on Dec. 25. Directed by Patty Jenkins, the action fast-forwards to the 1980s as Diana Prince (Gadot) faces two new foes: Cheetah (Wiig) and Max Lord (Pedro Pascal). And while Wonder Woman and Cheetah may face off on screen, Gadot says the pair had a blast behind the scenes.

“We were like dancing and singing and recording ourselves singing and dancing and doing ‘SNL’ skits. It was a lot of fun,” Gadot tells ET Canada. “And I gotta say, that working on a movie that is being shot for eight months to have these types of partners that makes the journey so great. It was truly a gift.”

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Wiig couldn’t agree more: “We were making up songs and making music videos, for those songs. And editing in our trailers. And like, just annoying everybody.”

Part of the lure of the sequel for Gadot was seeing how Prince had changed since the events of the first film.

“I think in the first movie it was the birth of a hero, it was Diana Prince discovering her full powers and becoming Wonder Woman whereas in this one we had the opportunity to really dig in and explore the character to new depths,” she says.

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While the film may give us more insight into Diana, “WW1984” is introducing us to Cheetah, with Wiig’s first foray into the superhero genre.

“It’s crazy! Like, my dream to be in a movie like this, to let alone play that character and to see it at the end was like, oh my gosh! I’m still like…I just want it to come out!!” Wiig exclaims, adding that she can’t wait for her family to watch it. “I’m so excited they’re all going to watch it on Christmas. I’m sure I’ll get their critiques when their done watching the movie but…”

Adds Gadot: “The movie is so much different compared to the first one. And at the same time, it’s like a perfect…sequel-ly…takeover from the last one. It was an amazing experience working on this movie.”

“Wonder Woman 1984” will be available in theatres and on premium VOD in Canada on Dec. 25, while the film will play in theatres and stream on HBO Max in the U.S.