Lottie Moss has apologized for making an “insensitive” joke on Instagram.

The model, 22, who is Kate Moss’ younger sister, posted the apology Monday after she and her girlfriends called themselves COVID-19 “super-spreaders” then pretended to make out while in a bar. “We’re super-spreaders,” Lottie said, via Daily Mail, before adding, “We’re super-spreading COVID.”

The apparent joke didn’t sit well with her followers as the four female pals live in London, where the city is currently in Tier Two of their lockdown restrictions. In Tier Two, Londoners can only meet socially with friends or family members indoors (including private homes and restaurants) with who they live with or have formed a support bubble with.

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“I just wanted to come on here and say I am so sorry for saying I was a super-spreader,” Lottie shared on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/LottieMoss
Photo: Instagram/LottieMoss

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“I am still young and dumb and learning,” Lottie continued while explaining why she was out with friends in the middle of a pandemic.

Adding, “I sometimes forget that I am a public figure and during these crazy and uncertain times I should have been careful with my words.”