With “The Office” heading over to the Peacock streaming service in the new year, they have released a never-seen-before clip from the beloved show.

In the scene, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak) are at a university where Scott is attempting to enlighten the students.

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One student asks him to explain “the public relations challenges facing an industry that pollutes the environment while destroying trees.”

“Well, for one, our company is a very green company,” Scott says. “We use all recyclable toilet paper, which, if you’ve ever met some of our employees, is a huge, huge savings. This woman naved Phylis and Kevin in particular, Kevin uses our recyclable toilet paper all too often.”

“And frankly, we do cut down trees but trees are a renewable resource. Which is something you can’t say about oil. Oil just doesn’t grow on trees,” he adds.

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No surprise that the students all had a lot of questions after that statement.

All 201 episodes of “The Office” land on Peacock Jan. 1, including unreleased clips and deleted scenes.