Zooey Deschanel’s best friend got a huge surprise on Monday’s season 2 premiere of “Celebrity IOU”.

Deschanel joined her boyfriend Jonathan Scott, who transforms homes with his twin brother Drew, for a special episode of the HGTV Canada show.

The group got to work overturning Deschanel’s BFF Sarah’s 900-square-foot home.

“Is it just me, or is this reminiscent of when we first met?” Jonathan asked his other half, whom he met in August 2019 while doing James Corden’s show “Carpool Karaoke”.

“It is,” she replied, the Daily Mail reported.

“Was it my wit and charm that won you over, or my voice of an angel?” Jonathan asked, as Deschanel swooned: “I’ll take the whole package.”

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As the pair prepared for work, Drew said: “This is a dynamic duo. Jonathan builds, you design, I go on vacation.”

“We call each other ‘infinity best friend,'” Deschanel’s BFF Sarah gushed of the surprise and their relationship. “And that’s like, legit.”

Deschanel, who said the worst part for her was the noise, joked of helping her partner out, “I love spending time with Jonathan more than anything in the world, but I’d rather watch him do it from afar, like with headphones on.”

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Sarah was in tears from the incredible renovation, gushing: “My God! It’s beautiful, thank you so much.”

See the results of the stunning makeover in the clip below.

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