The Chicks are bonding over how they’ve changed over quarantine.

The country trio, made up of Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer, joined Seth Meyers on “Late Night” and caught each other up on the milestones that happened in 2020.

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Kids getting their driver’s licenses and college acceptance letters were some of the topics of conversation, but one thing the group collectively realized together was how their alcohol tolerance has “gone way up” since March.

“My tolerance has gone way up during corona,” Maguire explained. “I’m scared, actually.”

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She added, “Every day, I ask my boyfriend, ’Do you think I’m an alcoholic?’ If I’m willing to ask, I’m probably not.”

The Chicks and Meyers all did a virtual cheers, with the host, Maines and Strayer all reaching for tequila. Maguire chose rosé wine.