Oliver Stone revealed he’s already received a shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

While there are two types of vaccines available in North America — one produced by Pfizer, the other by Moderna — the director of such films as “JFK” and “Wall Street” was injected with neither of those.

“I got a vaccine shot. I don’t know if it’s going to work, I got it a few days ago. I’ve heard good things about the Russian vaccine,” Stone said in an interview with Associated Press. “I have to get a second shot in 45 days. But I’m hopeful.”

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Stone, who’s in Russia filming a documentary, received an injection of the Sputnik V vaccine, named for the Russian satellite. According to reports, Sputnik V is 91.4 per cent effective.

“It’s a very good vaccine,” Stone declared. “I don’t understand why it’s being ignored in the West.”

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