When “Wonder Woman 1984” makes its debut on Christmas Day, sharp-eyed viewers may notice a surprise cameo from some people who are very close to star Gal Gadot: her husband Yaron Versano and their daughters, Maya and Alma.

In an interview with Fox DC 5’s Kevin McCarthy, he references what he calls “the Christmas scene,” pointing out that her family makes a brief appearance.

“It meant a lot, especially in that very special scene,” Gadot said.

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“I have two daughters, both of them appear, my oldest one appeared with Asa, [director] Patty’s [Jenkins,] son and my youngest one, who I was pregnant with during the reshoots for ‘Wonder Woman’, the first one, was there with my husband,” she continued.

“But you know, this movie is more than just a movie for us, for me, for Patty,” added Gadot. “It completely changed my life, and the amount of labour and thought and emotions that we put into the movie, it’s a lot. And I couldn’t have done the movie without the support of my amazing family, and to have them captured in the film with me, because they are a part of it, meant a lot. It’s an amazing souvenir that we will forever cherish.”

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As Gadot mentioned, Jenkins’ son Asa also appears in the movie. As Jenkins told Vanity Fair earlier this year, her son actually makes three separate appearances in the film as three different background characters.

“I just changed his hair. Every time I needed a kid to do something, I was like, ‘Asa, get in here! Okay, now you’re blond,’” Jenkins quipped.

“Wonder Woman 1984” debuts on Dec. 25, on HBO Max in the U.S. and on demand in Canada.