Kyle Chandler still hasn’t left Coach Taylor behind.

On Wednesday, the actor appeared virtually on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and revealed that, to his daughters’ dismay, he still quotes lines from his iconic “Friday Night Lights” character at home.

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“My daughters at that time were high school and grade school [age]. There’s six years’ difference between the two of them. I heard more than a few times, ‘Dad, just stop. I saw the episode,'” Chandler told Kelly Clarkson.

“Like, when it got to the one, [where I said,] ‘I just want you to know boys only want three things.’ [They’re like], ‘Stop,'” he laughed.

Also during the interview, Clarkson brings up the thirst tweet she once wrote about Chandler.

“I am so excited to meet you,” she said. “I know you know about the tweet from, like, a decade go but I stand by the tweet, even right now.”

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In the 2011 tweet, Clarkson wrote about seeing a photo of the actor in a magazine, “At my chiropractor and in the waiting room I found the perfect man… he is seriously many different kinds of yummy.”

On the show, she joked, “This is my question, Kyle, for all humans out there looking, are there more people that look like you where you’re from? Just asking for a friend.”