Kawhi Leonard had a very practical reason for leaving Toronto, his hands got cold.

Leonard made the joke while appearing on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” During the conversation, Leonard revealed his hands are sometimes too big to fit in his pockets.

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“Is that why you left Toronto, because your hands were cold?” Kimmel asked. Leonard quipped, “Man, I couldn’t find gloves to fit me.”

Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers will play on Christmas Day, an honour that is not lost on the former Toronto Raptors star.

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“It’s a great feeling. When you’re outside as kid you’re playing on Christmas Day with your friends and family, and you know, it’s like any other day to me,” he said.

“Once I got selected to go into the NBA I knew there’s no holidays in the NBA, so I just tell myself that so I don’t get sad when I’m not able to see my family and friends on certain days,” he concluded. “I just grind it out all season long and wait for the summertime, and that’s when we can celebrate anything.”