Dan Levy opened up about dealing with horrific anxiety in a new interview with Bustle.

The Canadian star said he’s always struggled with anxiety, to the point where he wouldn’t want to attend birthday parties or go to summer camp when he was younger.

Levy’s anxiety even caused him to develop iritis, an inflammation of the eye which doctors feared would eventually take his vision.

Levy admitted after talking about how he’d throw himself into work on “Schitt’s Creek”, “Over the past six years… I really haven’t been outside that much.”

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He said of what could have caused him to be so anxious, “I think that came from a deep-rooted fear of knowing that I was gay and not being able to be free.

“By the time I got to high school, when your brain is starting to catch up to your physical impulses, it led to a very confusing time. Because on the one hand, you are now being introduced to things like self-awareness and anxiety. At the same time, you’re becoming more and more savvy when it comes to hiding it.”

Levy’s parents, Deborah Divine and Eugene Levy, were accepting of his sexuality and encouraged him to be himself, but he said he was still worried.

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“Fear of being ridiculed. Fear of being othered,” he explained. “Fear of exposing something that I think a lot of high school students at the time didn’t have the tools to process properly, to make it comfortable for me.”

His mother ended up “inviting” him to come out over lunch when he was 18.

Eugene said when asked if it was painful knowing that he could have potentially alleviated the anxiety Levy was feeling if he’d approached him sooner, “I would have done things so much differently, you know?

“I would have gotten more involved in talking about what was going on,” he went on, adding: “Not necessarily that we would have gotten any direct answers.

“You can only get back what you get back.”

Levy confirmed he was not ready to discuss his sexuality before he did.

He then said of being newly out, but not ready for dating at college: “You then get into these habits where you’re dating people who are totally wrong for you because they’re seeking out people who are a bit damaged and you’re seeking out people who have one foot out the door so that you don’t actually give yourself over in any kind of way.”

Admitting dating became another way to keep people out, Levy shared: “I really got to a point where I felt like if I didn’t make an active choice to pull myself out of this shell that was becoming such a comfort. I would not be the adult that I want to be.”