Ricky Gervais is the latest star to come out in support of Tom Cruise after the actor was recorded yelling at crew members on the set of “Mission: Impossible 7” for violating COVID safety rules.

Gervais was a guest on SiriusXM’s “Jim Norton and Sam Roberts” radio show and spoke about his own experience with tense on-set moments and why he understands where Cruise was coming from.

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“There’s gotta be discipline,” Gervais said about enforcing COVID-19 rules on set. “It’s not trivial when the shoot can be closed down.”

“Imagine the pressure on that man,” Gervais said. “It’s like, forget the pandemic. Those films absolutely rest on his shoulders, and they have done for like 30 or 40 years […] imagine the amount of money that he’s been paid, right? It must be terrifying.”

Gervais continued, “I just can’t think of the constant pressure. He can’t say, ‘I don’t feel like this,’ or ‘It’s not worth it,’ because someone is saying, ‘You know, we’ve given you $50 million for this, and if it doesn’t get to number 1 your career is over.’ He has that in his f**king head every minute of the day. I’m surprised he’s not stranger than he is.”

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Gervais also explained that he hasn’t personally experienced or unleashed a rant during filming like Cruise has, but he attributes that in large part to the genre he works in.

“I want it to be a really happy set, and that sort of ruins it, because I’ve got to be funny,” Gervais said. “So, if I lose my temper, I’ve then got to be funny, and that’s really hard. Do you know what I mean? So, I try not to ever do that, and if something goes wrong, I just — and I don’t want to embarrass anyone or have bad blood.”

Instead Gervais says that he lets off some steam by shouting at the sky. “I go, ‘For f**k’s sake,’ like that,” he said, adding, “So no one really — and usually, after, someone comes up to me and goes, ‘Oh, sorry. That was my fault.’ I’ll go, ‘Okay. Don’t worry about it.’”

SiriusXM’s “Jim Norton and Sam Roberts” airs weekdays on Faction Talk channel 103.