Michelle Pfeiffer talks about one of her most iconic roles in the latest edition of Variety‘s “Awards Circuit” podcast.

Before that, however, she discusses her upcoming film “French Exit”, playing a widowed New York socialite who moves to Paris after burning through all the money her late husband left her.

“This world was a world I had never really entered into,” she said of the filthy rich. “It was a world I never saw.”

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“I love Frances. She’s curt and rude at times, but she also possesses this underlying fragility,” she explained of her character. “My job — and particularly with a character like this, is to try to find the humanity in them and to try to find what I have in common with her.”

She also weighed in on her role in “Ant-Man and the Wasp”, and reflected on an earlier role in a superhero movie: Catwoman in 1992’s “Batman Returns”.

According to Pfeiffer, her Catwoman suit was the most difficult costume she’s ever had to wear.

“It was like an assembly line to get into,” she said, explaining the inside of the suit needed to be powdered so she could fit into it, while the outside needed to be oiled in order to maintain its sheen.

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“I remember walking up to my trailer in the morning and [there was] this line of people waiting to help me get ready,” she recalled.

Once she was cast in “Ant-Man and the Wasp”, she had more practical thoughts about that costume than merely how it looked.

Her first question, she admitted, was, “How do we do this so that I can get in and out of this quickly so that if I need to use the restroom, it’s not going to be a big ordeal?”