Paul McCartney is back with a brand new album and single.

Paired with the release of the Beatles icon’s third solo album, McCartney III, the star also debuted the lead single “Find My Way” and its music video.

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Filmed at McCartney’s at-home music studio, the musician performs all the musical parts for the tune, including, the drums, guitar, horns, percussion and vocals, which highlight the tune’s important message.

“Find My Way” is about the strange experiences of 2020 and goes, “You never used to be afraid of days like these / And now you’re overwhelmed to your anxieties / Let me help you out, let me be your guide / I can help you reach the love you feel inside.”

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McCartney III is the rocker’s third true solo album, following 1970’s McCartney and 1980’s McCartney II.

The record is now streaming.