Barack Obama is talking about life in lockdown with his family.

The former President of the United States joined “The Bill Simmons Podcast” for a sit down chat about quarantine amid COVID-19.

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Obama admitted that he looked at lockdown as a “blessing,” because it gave him and wife, Michelle, the chance to reconnect with their daughters Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19.

“It’s a blessing because all the teenage stuff is kind of gone now and they’re just back, and they love you again and they want to spend time with you,” he said. 

The political star also spoke about Malia’s British boyfriend, who moved in with the Obama family during lockdown.

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He continued, “I think a lot of families, we went through that first month where we were playing games every night and doing a little arts and crafts projects and then slowly they started to get a little bored with us. Maybe teaching Malia and Sasha, and Malia‘s boyfriend, who was with us for a little while, Spades.”

Malia has been dating fellow Harvard student, Rory Farquharson, since 2017.

“He’s British, wonderful young man. And he was sort of stuck because there was a whole visa thing and he had a job set up, so we took him in,” Obama said. “And I didn’t want to like him but he’s a good kid.”

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Joking about Farquharson’s appetite, he added, “This is not a surprise to you Bill because you’ve got a son, [but] young men eat like, it’s weird to watch them consume food. And my grocery bill went up about thirty percent.”