“The Holiday” is a classic festive movie, but one of the most memorable scenes in the movie wasn’t originally in there.

While speaking with Vulture, Cameron Diaz revealed the scene where her character runs back to Jude Law’s character’s cottage wasn’t planned.

“We were in England, and Nancy [Meyers, director] came up to me. She goes, ‘I’m so excited. We just got the okay to shoot, blah, blah, blah.’ And I was like, ‘What scene?’ And she gave the number. And I was like, ‘What is that scene? What do you mean, ‘We got the okay to shoot it?’ She was like, ‘This scene.’ And it’s literally just the stage description of what Amanda does: She’s in the back of a car, she realizes she has to go back, she stops the car, she gets out. The line is, ‘Stop the car.’”

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Diaz described that her full run never made the film.

“She runs back down the road to the cottage. But Nancy had her already a half a mile away. It was not like she got to the edge of the driveway and decided she needed to go back,” Diaz recalled. “She was halfway to the freaking airport. She’s almost to Heathrow, and she’s like, ‘Stop the car.’”

“They only used two shots, but we shot like ten shots of me running across ten different fields. And I’m wearing that Valentino cashmere, wool trench coat, a turtleneck cashmere sweater,” Diaz added. “And jeans, and my high-heeled boots.”

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And while the scene was made picture perfect with the snow covered hills, productions actually had to add that in since it doesn’t snow that much in English.

“Of course, the music is blasting while I’m shooting it. So I had the tempo to which I’m running. I’m flying down this field and up this hill and down this row of trees. And the camera’s on a track, and it’s tracking me as I run through the trees. Literally, I was so fit by the end of that week,” she joked.

“I ran probably seven miles a day in those heels. Through mud and hills. It was so hilarious. I was literally like, I’m not even complaining right now because my job is to run, and I’m okay with that. But I’m sweating.”