Christmas came early this year on “Saturday Night Live”. Fan favourite former cast member Kristen Wiig returned to the studio to host the annual holiday episode, and the final episode of 2020.

Wiig kicked things off with an adorably wacky monologue that saw her reunite with former co-star Maya Rudolph (who currently guest stars on “SNL” as Kamala Harris).

The pair delivered a musical performance of “My Favorite Things,” but with some notably re-worked and deeply strange lyrics.

“Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens/ whiskers on babies and babies on buildings/ long beards on babies and mittens with wings/ these are a few of my favorite things,” Wiig sings, before Rudolph and Kate McKinnon join to share in the fun.

As is often the case when a former cast member returns to host, Wiig reprised a few of her most beloved characters from her time on the show.

The first came as she stepped into the green gown of Broadway lunatic Mindy Elise Grayson, a recurring contestant on the 1960s game show “Secret Word”.

Later, she donned her brightly coloured wool sweater and denim jeans to reprise her role as the overly excited Sue — a well-meaning woman who cannot keep a secret.

Sue’s sketches are always generally the same, but are a fantastic showcase for Wiig’s mastery of physical comedy as she tears down the décor, smashes through windows and literally chews the scenery in her attempt to not spill a secret — and this new take on the sketch is as strong as ever.

The night’s guest star, Dua Lipa, also made a cameo appearance in one of the most memorable and yet strangest sketches of the night.

Wiig played a USO entertainer in 1944, singing for soldiers on the front lines on Christmas Eve. She pulls one solider (Bowen Yang) out of the crowd, and the pair perform a dirty, hyper-sexual, very modern song about infidelity. Lipa joins in at the end for some hilariously raunchy choreography before the whole cast joins in.

Wiig was also featured in a musical holiday-themed sketch set on Christmas morning, playing a wife and mother whose sole Christmas gift was a robe.

The comedian even got in a subtle political message and even more subtle plug for her upcoming movie “Wonder Woman 1984” during the cast goodbyes.

Wiig rocked a “VOTE GA” sweatshirt with a peach inside the “O” — a call to action regarding Georgia’s upcoming Senate run-off election. She also wore a cheetah-print skirt, which is likely a reference to her character, Cheetah, from her upcoming superhero sequel.

This is technically the second time Wiig has hosted the show since she welcomed twins with her fiancé, Avi Rothman, in January, but marks her first return to Studio 8H, after she previously hosted an “SNL At Home” remote episode.

Wiig recently opened up about how it feels to be a mom after a long road to becoming a parent while speaking with ET’s Rachel Smith while promoting “Wonder Woman 1984”.

“It’s the best,” Wiig marveled. “I know everyone always says that, and everyone says, like, it changes how you look at the world and how you, like, see love. Now it’s just, like, such a bigger thing, and all of that stuff is so true.”

Check out the video below to hear more from the comedy star about being a new mom.

“Saturday Night Live” airs live, coast-to-coast, at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on Global.


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