Oprah Winfrey is celebrating a milestone and looking back at a pivotal moment in her career.

On Sunday, the 66-year-old media mogul took to Instagram to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the premiere of “The Color Purple”.

Winfrey played Sofia in the Steven Spielberg-directed drama, with her performance earning her a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

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“35 years ago today, #TheColorPurple premiered. I’ve never wanted anything in my life more than I wanted to be in that movie,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post, featuring a clip of Sofia’s defining speech in the movie.

“When I read the book the first time, I bought copies to hand them out to people. I told everyone I wanted to be in the movie. It was that deep,” she continued.

“And one faithful morning, @quincyjones saw me on AM Chicago, said I should audition, and the rest is movie history!” she added. “So here’s to the powerful messages I still carry from that movie. And for all the moviegoers who still recite this scene to me until this day! 💜💜💜 ‘The Color Purple’ is available at participating digital retailers.”

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In addition to the clip from the film, Winfrey also attached a second clip, from her iconic daytime talk show.

In that clip, a white, male member of the audience who claimed to have seen “The Color Purple” 55 times, and did a pitch-perfect impression of Sofia’s speech.

“You are the first white man I’ve seen do it,” Winfrey quipped.

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