“Tiger King” star Joe Exotic is pulling out all the stops to get a pardon from Donald Trump in his final days in office.

Exotic has sued the Justice Department in his latest attempt.

“Joe Exotic seeks to require the United States Office of the Pardon Attorney to comply with its ministerial duty to submit a recommendation to the President of the United States regarding Joe Exotic’s application for pardon, so that the President can exercise his Constitutional discretion in determining whether to grant or deny application petition,” a complaint filed reads via Deadline.

The initial 257 page pardon petition describes the star of Netflix’s docu-series as a “gay, gun-toting, redneck in Oklahoma”.

Exotic is currently serving a 22 year sentence for allegedly hiring a hitman to murder rival Carole Baskin.

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Exotic has been pushing for a pardon on social media as well. While speaking about jails in America he called the system “backwards.”

“If President Trump signs my Pardon or I get out on appeal or otherwise, trust me, Justice Reform and Prison Reform are going to be on the top of my list,” he wrote.

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He has also had his lawyers reach out to Kim Kardashian in hopes she can convince Trump to pardon him. Kardashian has not commented on the matter.