Ingrid Andress Reveals Grammy Night Goal List And Nomination She Secretly Hopes To Win

Country music superstar, Ingrid Andress, never imagined 2020 would bring her three Grammy nominations, much less one in the Best New Artist category.

“I was watching the live stream, which I completely forgot the [Recording Academy] had on that day, and my manager called me and was like, ‘Yo, why aren’t you watching?’ and I was like ‘Oh, right, sorry.’ I was stressed about making a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving so I wasn’t mentally prepared for what was about to happen,” Andress told ET Canada.

“I kind of thought I might get nominated for country song because I got the nomination at the Country Music Awards, but I did not expect album, and by no means did I think it would ever be possible to get the best new artist nomination,” she added. “I was screaming and on the floor when I found out. I’ve been watching the Grammys since I was little, so it’s crazy to me to think I’m part of them this year.”

Andress’ debut album Lady Like dropped earlier this year, and just nine months later, she’s nominated for Best Country Song, Best Country Album and Best New Artist. And while the 29-year-old songstress is the only face of country music in this year’s major Grammy categories, she is tied with Miranda Lambert for this year’s most nominated country artist.

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“When I heard that statistic, I was like, there’s no freaking way. She’s been doing this for so long, and I’ve listened to her music for years, but I’m glad she’s getting the recognition that she deserves from the Grammys,” Andress said, adding there’s always a possibility for a future collaboration. “I love her music, and I know she’s a fan, so I feel like once things pick back up again, the possibilities are endless of what we could do together.”

Historically, women have been absent from the country categories on the Grammys’ stage, a concept Andress just can’t wrap her head around, but is excited for the change.

“I feel like women have always been the powerhouses of country music like Dolly Parton and Shaina Twain, so to me, I’m not sure why that was put on pause for so long,” Andress said. “It doesn’t make any sense to me, so I’m glad the pendulum is swimming back and being like, ‘Oh right, I guess we do need female voices for people to listen to,’ and I’m like, ‘Right? What a concept!’ So I’m really glad that people are starting to realize that we need both men and women perspectives if we’re going to write country songs about country, like it’s not only men living in this country. I think it’s really cool that people are starting to see that.”

Speaking of change, Andress admits she still stays up at night trying to figure out how she got a nomination in the Best New Artist category, considering that accomplishment for country artists are few and far between.

“That’s the thought that keeps me up at night because, one, how did I even get there? Two, country is such a huge genre that maybe it’s because people hear the word country and they scared because they expect something twangy and about trucks, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I think sometimes, country music is very specific to one area of the United States, rather than a universal thing, and now that country music is expanding, people are going to realize how it’s not just one type of music,” Andress said.

“I’m trying to figure out how I broke that barrier because I’m just doing what I think sounds good,” she added. “I’ve never started writing and thought about changing genres. I just wrote about my real feelings. The only thing I can come up with is that people like to relate. People want substance.”

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Now that the nominations are locked in, Andress has her eyes set on three major Grammy night goals: looking good on the red carpet, meeting Megan Thee Stallion, and winning Country Song of the Year.

“I still can’t really wrap my head around the fact that I’m in the same category as Megan Thee Stallion, and as a songwriter, I feel like winning country song of the year would be pretty epic for me,” Andress said. “I could easily retire if I won that Grammy, and I want to look awesome, so hopefully that happens, because I’ve never walked the carpet at the Grammys before, so hopefully that goes well.”

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