Billie Eilish admits she went through “a rough period” after getting backlash for her “No Time To Die” theme song.

The singer, 19, received mixed reaction from James Bond fans after it was announced that she would be singing the theme song for the upcoming sequel.

While it was hard for Eilish, she admits she understood why people were skeptical.

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“I wasn’t mad about it because I understand,” she told Variety about the fan reaction. “Why wouldn’t people have wants for the song that’s the theme to their favourite franchise? That’s totally understandable.”

Despite the song’s universal acclaim, Eilish says it was still a torturous experience.

“My favourite thing is an open mind, especially when it was closed before. I love when people aren’t stuck to their pretences, which I am totally guilty of all the time. I hear that something’s going to happen and I’m like, ‘That’s ridiculous. It should never be that way. It’s never going to be good.’ And it’s important to keep your mind open and just listen and be like, ‘You know what, actually? I was wrong. This is really good.’”

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Finneas, Eilish’s brother and the song’s co-writer, said the timing of the announcement was “double-risky, because then [the public are] only judging their preconceptions about an artist as opposed to actually judging the work at hand.”

Eilish, also the youngest artist to perform a James Bond theme song, released the track in February before the film was delayed until April 2021.